University-enterprise Cooperation for WIN-WIN Cooperation

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Time: 2011-07-30 View: 1139

    KONTECH Electronics Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Jiaotong University’s university-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony was held in Shanghai jiaotong university in July 2011.

    In response to the national call on strengthening school and enterprise cooperation, give full play to advantage for both schools and enterprises and higher education, the function of the better service for society and enterprise, to cultivate applied talents of high quality, high skills for society and enterprise, as well as provide more space for college students´ internship, training, employment. under the joint efforts of both sides, Shanghai jiaotong university and KONTECH electronics Co.,Ltd university-enterprise cooperation signing was grand held, Present honored guest were KONTECH Chairman Guohe Yang, and head of departments. Shanghai jiaotong university President and director of each department, and the school teaching backbone attended the signing ceremony.  


    Talents play a key role to the development of enterprises. University-enterprise cooperation provides a good platform for the enterprise, it also meets the demand of social trends and the enterprise needs, enterprise participation is the necessary way of university-enterprise cooperation and is also the solid support of the sustainable development education. Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit to both sides. 

    The signing ceremony’s success provides a new way for university-enterprise two sides further cooperation in the field of multi-level and form, and realize organic bond and optimal configuration of university-enterprise resources. Co-culture talents are in need by Economic and social development. The strategic cooperation is not only Created win-win Cooperation for Yisheng group and East University of Heilongjiang on talent employment and application, also created a new mode for human resources of Harbin.