Kontech was awarded CCTV·Fen Dou·Best annual product

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Time: 2014-01-11 View: 1129

     Shenzhen Kontech Electronics Co.,Ltd was awarded CCTV·Fen Dou·Best annual product at CCTV Fen Dou Annual Summit 2013 in CCTV bidding hall,Mei Di Ya hotel on January 9 2014.


    CEO Yang Guohe thanked for guests´ coming.He said the science and technology area changed a lot in the past year,and many new theories and products emerged such as  020,internet finance,4G,samrt devices and wearable electronics devices.The TMT industry  became the most fastly growing and sparky industry.    


“It would be the integrated year of technology industry and traditional industry for 2014 and many traditional industies will change and overturn because of mobile internet.The boundry for different industries will fade away and we are promised to enter an era without boundries.Honor the boundryless industries and enjoy the new time”,CEO Yang said.