Kontech attend HK spring electronics exhibition with E-Poster

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Time: 2015-04-20 View: 1457

  2015 HK Spring electronics exhibiton has finised,sponsored by HKTDC.During this exhibition,three thousands merchants from all over the world attend this exhibiton. Kontech, the leader of special display or digital signage, also attend this exhibition,communicate and cooperate with other enterprise.        

   The scale is bigger than the previous, the product include houshold product, domestic electronics, digital image and video, electronics components and so no, the new product also appears on the exhibition, rised in the recent years Invited by the sponsor, Kontech show the major product- E-poster and some special tv on the booth 1A-A13.   

    In terms of digital signage.At present, about advertising machine ,many people just know use of USB to realize the replacement of the contents of advertisements. However, with the trend of Internet technology and mobile platform control advertising machine developed, AD display is moving toward a higher stage of the intelligent direction. Kontech latest smart poster machine linkage network by by cloud storage, cloud services, with the organic combination of intelligent phone at the same time to create "side - the cloud - screen" system. So the merchants can update the marketing information in time. As the way is simple and convenient, marketing effect is remarkable. by optimizing the structure design on hardware, E-poster not only meet portability and mobility request, but also has these characteristics such as anti-seismic, anti-explosion, high brightness.

  During this time, Kontech also show jail TV, waterproof  TV, marine TV, mirror TV and carvan tv.

    With the development of gloal economic, will speed up exchange of information. It has become a necessary promotion way for most enterprise to promote targeted product through exhibition. The clinets not only to watch the reality product but also feel the strength of company. Kontech has  attended many times famous exhibition on world such as DSE,AWE. We are so popular on this exhibition and foucs on attention, which make kontech leader status on ditital signage and special display area.