New standard of luxury life,Kontech 42 inch mirror TV shock launched

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Time: 2015-08-06 View: 1140

    A few days ago, Kontech launched a new 42 inch new Grand Mirror TV in United States, which is mainly installed in the bathroom, Not only for waterproof and fog but also as a mirror. Meanwhile in product design, The 42 inch TV of Kontech bring a new aesthetic enjoyment and supreme perception in order to subvert the traditional bathroom TV.

    As the world’s leading brands in specialtyTV, Kontech in Mirror TV product development and manufacturing, always keep focused on the exploration and development of product innovation. Kontech know that in the household environment, the high-end audio and vedio products not only requires cutting-edge technology and strong performance, but also need more deep thinking and customized for differential element, to perfect its lavish temperament. The new 42-inch mirror TV will be as one of the outstanding performance from the beginning and Combine with the traditional design concept of the perfect, all to meet more customers´ personality components.

    Kontech 42-inch mirror TV Comprehensive upgrade for the home environment,it own convenient, complete and rich powerful performance. The appearance ofmore independence from the leading industry design. Creatively use of special glass hypotenuse and difficult splicing, seiko spy, like grinding stone and polishing jade; refined atmosphere glossy screen, showing amazing perception. Application high blacklight and Broad Temperature and other international leading technology, ensure the perfect realization of the fade effect and the whole stableoperation in harsh environments.

   Compared to traditional mirror TV production line, The new upgrade Kontech outdoor TVproduct line covers more perfect sizes for choice. This update with a particular focus on improving large outdoor TV and bring the user experience, It includes 42 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch and 70 inch. Even more amazing is that Kontech mirror TV in a set of leading-edge technology and craft, showinga maximum 84 inch shock perception

    Kontech has the most professional team of designers for your customized,comprehensive realization of your unique ideaas, Endow Mirror TV extraordinary aesthetics and super technological quality,it naturally melt in the style of any household environment. Walking inbetween low-key and luxury, subvert the traditio-nal definition of shock Mirror TV and stand out from the crowd.