Congratulations for Kontech electronic seventh anniversary

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     Time passed quickly, the seventh year of Kontech.No word can express,but thanks.
     Thank all the customers and cooperative partners, thank 200 colleagues and your family, thank for all the tolerance, support, understanding and undertaking in these 7 years, because of you, we have the power to move on.Thank rivals for fierce competition, thank difficulties and dangers all the way , is that you , make us stronger.Thank friends and capital, because you are behind , we are confident and calm.

    Seven years, Kontech has grown into a small and medium-sized company with 200 staff from an unnameable small company, Both the competitiveness of the products and solutions ,and brand influence have made considerable progress.From ignorance in the initial to conscious stability today, from narcissism and egoism to customer oriented and face competition directly, from simple hardware manufacture to development combined with hardwaresoft and software today. We do it in turn, you see them one by one.Today, is undoubtedly the most enjoyable moment during seven years. 

     Solo for seven years, self-improvement for seven years; transcendence for seven years, growth for seven years, it is the concentration and openness that built up such a Kontech,it is the quality and innovation that promote rapid development of Kontech, it is the enterprise culture that unite everyone of Kontech,it is continuous improvement that make Kontech never stop.

      In this times of rich information and networking,it seems dreams and miracles is everywhere.Under the influence of the internet thinkink that sound noisy enough and dazzling business model,it looks like we can achieve great success at any time,but there are endless humanity river between"see it" and "get it", in these humanity long river, both greed and fear are unchanged unvaryingly, between"see it" and "get it", the most difficult thing is to "do it".What is more for unchanged unvaryingl,no matter opportunity or talent, all will be lost to focus, the power for everything, and the outstanding product is the key for success,Kontech focus on manufacturing, positioning the role as a provider of special TV and commercial display.What’s more,Kontech believe the the power of openness and win-win,due to concentration,Kontech can achieve multi-win. 

     As a kind of wealth ,team make Kontech proud,on the long March Routes,Kontech has always been in a tough mobile warfare,we fight as we built up our army at the same time, but we are always consistent, it is the enterprise culture of Kontech "customer orientation, simple justice, cooperating innovation, continuous improvement" that unite us in a short time.We know that very well, there is no future for a team without combat effectiveness, a team without centripetal just likes a heap of loose sand, and the culture is the most important part of centripetal force."In the old days,those who good at fighting battles, would always create their own first invincible conditions, and waited for the opportunity to defeat the enemy.Not to be overcome, obtained the initiative and looked for the advantage to beat the enemy ".If we can´t overcome ourselves, can´t integrate oursselves into the organization,can´t be all in one, we will lose before we fight.What deserve to be proud of is that Kontech creats a new climate in the industry with its particular enterprise culture and team style. 

     Outlook for the upcoming eighth year, commercial display industry is coming into a cruel changeable stage, fusion and fission, union and alliance, innovation and adventure, opportunity and challenge, will be always around us, everyone of Kontech electronic, must overcome the inherent shortcomings of humanity, and examine himself constantly,self-management and self-motivation, avoid arrogance and impatience step by step,Continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence.Every managers at all levels of management team, more need to keep sober, with hard effort,pursue for absolute perfect efficiency and result,only that can the company be brought to the other side of victory.
     Far journey it is,with countless opportunities in front of .

     Move on, Kontech!

     Come on, Kontech!

                                                                                           The president of Kontech electronic 
                                                                                                            Golden. Yang