Kontech: Leading the road of Digital Signage competitive differentiation

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Time: 2015-08-10 View: 1427

   Following the rapid expansion of the advertising industry, Merchants continue to expand new advertising channels in order to competeition,Except traditional paper posters and TV advertising,Commercial display and smart poster has become more popular day by day. These shops are ubiquitous multimedia digital signage has become the new favourite of today´s Merchants. The growing market bring new opportunities demand for digital signage manufacturers, at the same time accompanied by unprecedented competitive pressure.


   In terms of the emerging digital signage operating performance, portability, versatility, appearance, visual perception and long-term advertising costs, we have the advantage can not be replaced by traditional advertising. But now a serious product homogeneity, price wars and many other negative factors restricting the development of the digital signage industry.

    How to stand out in the competitive situation are considering in each digital signage manufacturers. Ahead alone in one of the technical links, it has been unable to leading the market. In addition to grasp the "high-definition, intelligent, interactive experience," the development direction, innovation technology, hardware and software combination, Implement industry subdivision,depending on the different customer´s individual needs, customized Digital signage solution as a whole, provide comprehensive, caring service and achieve competitive differentiation, is focus of the future digital signage vendors competition.

    Shenzhen Kontech Electronics Co., Ltd. adhering to smart interactive of phone experience, the self-developed Kontech-Express software implanted in HD poster machine, The users can edit content in real time through phone or remote control to poster machine, in order to respond marketing timely. Not only this, Kontech digital signage adopt ultra-narrow width in hardware, stylish and generosity appearance, and the screen brightness up to 800nit, even under bright light can be eye-catching.