Kontech New Outdoor High Brightness Energy-saving LCD TV

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Time: 2011-12-01 View: 1938

     Kontech Group Co, Ltd. launched a new high brightness and energy-saving LVD TV for outdoor and all-weather usage on November, 2011.

      It is specialized for outdoor and all-weather environment. The unique design with Waterproof, Moistureproof, Anti_fogging, Anti-exposure and Anti-theft technology are sufficient to protect it from environment harm, so there is no need to worry about shorten life span caused by the bad weather.

     Well, it doesn’t mean any shortage or defect in the TV function or interface, but this outdoor TV is a fully functional high-end audio equipment. With all necessary High-definition, RS232 interface, HDMI interface, Digital/analog TV integrated design, USB/memory card reader standard as the high-end TV, this outdoor TV can surely bring your life better visual enjoyment and outdoor entertainment. And more, it was also widely used in various severe environment conditions as: Aviation, Watercraft, Hotel, Garden, Special vehicles, Metro equipment, Highway, Industrial embedded, Long-distance bus, City square, Shopping mall, Military and Medical, etc.

    Considering the special outdoor environment application, we used the military level highlight and low-power LCD screen with special anti-dazzling design, to make sure there is no strong reflection when ordinary television screen have under the directly sunlight, and enjoy a comfortable high-definition TV program without worry about eyesight or fuzziness. The special design of anti-theft bracket makes more safety when install a TV outside, this extra security measure also makes it more suitable for outdoor environment than others.