Debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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Time: 2012-01-16 View: 897

     The International Consumer Electronics Show, organized by the CEA, was held at Las Vegas International Conference and Exhibition Center on January 6~9th, 2012. It is not only the largest and most wide-spread consumer electronics exhibition, but also the largest consumer technology industry event in the world.

      In CES Expo this year, more than 2500 exhibitors from 140 countries have took part in, and over 20000 new products were launched at the show. The total exhibition area reached 150000 square meters, with about 120000 audiences and 22000 professional ones, 5000 media press have reported the event. And more, total 41 keynote speeches and 200 academic symposiums were held here, the annual innovation products award also presented at the same time.

     Shenzhen Kontech Group Co, Ltd., as the leading enterprises in special TV industry has also attended the show, and earned nice feedback by their special TV products. With the delicate appearance, exquisite craft & superior performance, many clients showed their great interest in our products and some even placed the sample order directly at the scene.

     Through this exhibition, we’ve found lots of customers who are interested in and potential to buy our products both at home and abroad, also won massive industry information and customer resources, successfully made a further extension for overseas market.