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The Correct Fit for your Applications:


There is no signle standard that can meet every industrial application. Kontech has developed a complete line of industry demand driven mechanical designs including: open frame, panel mount, chassis, rack mount, and full IP65 enclosures. Whether your applications are a ultra-sanitary clean room, or a extremely rugged industrial environments, Kontech has the products and solutions to bring your product to markert.


Kontech has assembled a complete line industry-driven mechanical designs to fit any application. Whether you need a off-the-shelf unit or a completely custom design, Kontech has the experience and knowledge to bring your project to market. A OEM/ODM development team can help design and guide you to find the best solution for your industrial application


                                                  Open Frame 



Ideal for OEM/ODM custom designs      

24/7 Continuous operation    

   Open front fascia with no bezel     

   Rugged Steel Enclosure     

 Mounting Flaps for secure easy mounting


Panel/IP65 Mount


Open Frame Housing with aluminum front bezel

  IP65 sealing front bezel (protective glass required)

   Place into an opening to create a industrial finished look

      IP65/NEMA 4 standard bezel seals out dust and water for harsh industrial environments


Frame Installation

    Open Frame housing bolts up to the black aluminum bezel

       Chrome handles for easy movement and transport


                                                          Full IP65 Stainless Steel

-Full IP65 Dust and Water production 360 degrees around the monitor, including the I/O connections.

-Stainless Steel enclosure excellent for high sanitary condition and corrosion resistance from chemicals and the environment.

-Specialized connectors to seal out dust and water VESA standard mounting holes for quick mounting.